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The Dark Knight

By S. E. Martin “S. E. Martin”

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Please do not show this to children (or mentally healthy adults). It is not a moral guide for children to pattern themselves after, which is the purpose of this genre. It is the opposite. It depicts the hero as a morally confused individual unworthy of children’s aspirations and it corrupts or kills the two other lead characters.

It represents standing up for what is right against evil, as useless and even harmful. It promotes the sort of moral confusion and cowardice that allows psychopathic monsters like Hitler, Lenin & Stalin to take power and murder millions of people. They are a focus for a coalition of sociopaths who want to rule and terrorize everyone else into submission.

They can gain power ONLY when most people are too morally confused by their propaganda and/or too cowardly to take a stand against them. They have no power unless people give it to them. We need to evolve past this or continue to suffer atrocities on large scales. This movie promotes the wrong response and leaves us vulnerable to allowing monsters to take power.

Destroying children’s heroes, and their models for who they decide they would like to emulate, should never be allowed. If the makers of this movie wanted to deal with dark and morally negative stories they do not need to degrade and destroy well known and well loved children’s heroes to do so. This movie was reprehensible.

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