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The Godfather

By Stephen Pellerine

The Godfather

The Godfather

Not only is this such a classic, but it penetrates a stage that I think many cultures feel at some point in time – if expressed differently. Hundreds of years ago in Japan the samurai elite could have been classified as the ruling families and strutted power to retain control at the top. Even today the modern Yakuza continue their Japanese mafia leadership “if” away from the limelight of the status quo – but the fact is, they exist. Then the classic stereotypical mafias as depicted in these films. Today modern cases could be seen in the Middle East as families reign nations without question, or very little that makes it public. People know the consequences.

I love the series as simply a great series, but also link it to stages societies “may” go through in various ways. I understand there are some technical issues with this box set so be cautious here in what you order (see 1 ratings below). But even the 1 ratings do not go against the overall movie – it appears as people really appreciate it.

Be aware this is about the mafia and is far removed from Disney genres. Tarzan does not come swinging out of the trees and save people here at the last second – often scenes that appear they will end violently, end violently. So of you 1) like this genre and have not seen this series give it a go and get ready to see a classic set, or 2) if you have an interest in thinking about society and possible transitions they go through – I think the anthropologist within can also be satisfied.

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