How to Register a Blog to Search Engine?

If you want your blog to be indexed by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc, you must register it, otherwise you will not find the result when you search it on the Search Engines.
Ok now I will guide you step by step to do it.

1. Google
It is very simple, you only need to click here, then submit your URL in the box provided, type the captcha then click the submit request button.
2. Yahoo/Bing
To register your blog to Yahoo/Bing, please you click here, then place your URL in the box provided, after that type the captcha and click submit.

After you submit it, you need to wait about 2 weeks for your site to be indexed by the Search Engine. Then try to search your blog on the Search Engines by typing for example If your are successful, you will see your blog on the result of the search. Otherwise, you have to submit your blog again and wait until your blog is indexed by the Search Engines.
Happy Blogging