Telling Phone Number
in Mandarin Chinese

To tell about phone number, what you need to know is number from 0-9.

0. (líng)

1. (yī), (yāo)

2. (èr)

3. (sān)

4. (sì)

5. (wǔ)

6.六 (liù)

7. (qī)

8.八 (bā)

9.九 (jiǔ)

Read phone number in digits.

Reading phone number in Mandarin Chinese is divided into 3 digits, 4 digits and another 4 digits.


1. (When telling phone number, number 1 is read as (yāo) in order to avoid confusion with number 7.

2. In telling number of room, we read 1 as (yāo).

3. Verification number is also read in digits.

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