Toddler Costumes

Toddler Costumes sound good to talk to when you need to prepare your kids to have special day just like party, holiday, parade, Halloween, etc. There are various types of costumes you can dress your toddler so that he/she can have impressive appearance in those special days. You can design the costumes yourself if you have skilled hands or just buy toddler costumes from the children clothes shop or even do online shopping if you don’t want to be busy. You needn’t to worry about the prices since they are not too expensive.

If you want to design your toddler costumes yourself, many patterned materials and accessories can be bought from fabric stores. Different types of masks are also available. The fabric should be cut wider and bigger. Whiskers, feathers, bulging eyes, tails, and other elements of the toddler costumes can be attached.

However, there are some basic criteria in choosing toddler costumes for your little one. First, they must be comfortable. To afford it you may choose the soft materials. The design must provide extra room for the movement and squirming, have big holes where the air freely enters, and are easy to wear and remove. The accessories of the toddler costumes are not heavy and no pieces which can endanger him/her. About the safety, please ensure that the costumes do not contain toxic materials. Buy washable toddler costumes so that they can be re-used in the future, then you can save your money.

Commonly, toddler costumes for girl are fairy, butterfly, Ariel mermaid, Barbie doll, or cartoon character like Minnie Mouse or Superwoman. Then for boys you can dress him in the uniforms of navy, army, air force, Superman or Spiderman or characters from stories which he likes. Actually your toddler’s personality can be used as a guide to choose the suitable ones for him/her. And the most important one after all is that he/she must like the toddler costumes so that you can reach your goal to make your little one happy.

The following is the reference to choose the unique toddler costumes so that you can avoid the same costumes to everyone else that will look dull. When everything is ready, don’t forget to take as many photographs as you want because someday the pictures will give you sweet memory when you see the young one’s pictures in the different look.

The themes of the toddler costumes can lead you to the suitable and best choice for your kid. There are many cute themes to make your toddler appearance adorable such as Animal, Classic, Movie Character, Cartoon Character, etc.

1. Animal Theme

butterfly costume

butterfly costume

Kids will love to dress like animals. They will look funny, cute, attractive and adorable in such costumes. The animals usually used for toddler costumes are chicken, butterfly, ladybug, frog, caterpillar, lobster, goldfish, colorful peacock, monkey, panda, bear, hippo, kangaroo, elephant, dragon, tiger, cheetah, lion, alligator and gorilla. The animals can wear a pant and a T-shirt. Tails, whiskers, big or bulging eyes, nose and ears can be attached.

Related to this theme, you can also have Tom Arma Costumes since they are fun and cute. Tom Arma brings ecological issue to save the animals. Tom Arma toddler costumes provide vary to monkeys, lions and even flamingos.

2. Movie Character Themes

There are many fun and exciting movie characters that can be adopted as toddler costumes for your kid, for examples Star Wars Transformers, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

Star Wars

r2d2 costume

r2d2 costume

A nice way to let your toddler know about Star Wars is by the use of its

toddler costumes. R2-D2 is suitable for kids because he looks like a toddler. Your little one will be very adorable in this great costume. If you feel like to get dressed up in parent/child sets, you can wear Star Wars costume as Luke and your child as R2-D2 and mom can be Amidala and the little princess can be as Princess Leia.


Toddler girls will be suitable to be dressed up as Neytiri and boys will look good in Jake Sully toddler costumes. Or some girls may want to dress as Dr. Grace Augustine.

jake sully costume

jake sully costume

The Neytiri toddler costumes will need a blue full body bodysuit, long braided wig, a cloth “apron”, a gauntlet, beaded necklaces and bracelets. While the Jake Sully costume usually goes with a jacket, pants and mask. Put some accessories with the costume to make it more genuine, like wig or you can also braid your son’s hair to get the complete effect. However, many of the Sully costumes include a mask but it’s optional.

The good news about the both toddler costumes is that they are easy to wear with no cumbersome accessories.

Alice in Wonderland

kids alice in wonderland costumes

kids alice in wonderland costumes

Alice in Wonderland toddler costumes are easily made. There are two ways to dress the character from this story, the more modern version as featured in the newest movie, or the more classic look that is seen in the older movie. Both of them are amazing.

The characters in that movie among others are Alice, Red Queen, Queen of hearts and White Rabbit. A dress and some accessories can simply be altered into any of these looks.

For boys, the options characters to play are Mad Hatter who is in an odd take on clothing. The next are the Cheshire cat, and the card soldiers who are fairly cute. Two little twins may be prepared to look like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

3. Classic Costumes

toddler witch costumes

toddler witch costumes

Then traditional and classic toddler costumes will also be good for your kid. Witches, vampires, pirate, ghost and devils costumes are always acceptable. To make them scary looking, you only need to add some accessories to the costumes. Inspite of scary, still they’re so cute and simply irresistible.

4. Cartoon Character

Children usually like to dress such their favorite cartoon characters. You can dress your toddler in that way since it can help them to feel confident. The choices of the toddler costumes of this theme among others are Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street characters, etc.

Winnie the Pooh

winnie pooh costumes

winnie pooh costumes

The best friend of many kids from Winnie the Pooh cartoon TV series are the soft cuddly Pooh Bear. The soft cute little bear in his small red shirt which fits on his belly is really adorable to take as the toddler costumes of your little one. The other choices can be energetic, they are Tiger or even the ever pessimistic Eeyore. All the toddler costumes appear in bright colors to fascinate the little kids’ attention.

Sesame Street characters

There are so many choices for you to choose when talking about Sesame Street costumes. Therefore, it is almost sure that no body else will wear the same costume as yours. Among the toddler costumes of this theme Elmo is the most popular. The red monster with googly eyes and round orange nose appears in a full body fuzzy overall with wood attached as headpiece. The jumpsuit is also attached to the mittens and the feet. If you want, you may adjoin red Elmo bag.

elmo costume

elmo costume

The other attractive costume is Cookie Monster. The blue giant monster has similar appearance to Elmo particularly the eyes and the mouth. The difference is only in color. It is equipped with zipper at the back to make it easy to wear and remove. The headpiece and the mittens are also included. If your toddler is boy, you can dress him with this outfit.

The next choices are The Count, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Abby Cadabby. Abby is a three-year old fairy which is very attractive for many children. Such a wonderful outfit will really look amazing for little girls. This toddler costumes appears in plus-size gown with well-coordinated socks, wings and headband.

Finally you can shop online to get the nicest toddler customes for your kids.