I. Definition of Imperative Sentence

 An imperative sentence is a sentence that gives the reader an instruction, makes a request, or issues a command (

II. Characteristics of Imperative Sentence

There are some characteristics of imperative sentence, they are:

1. An imperative sentence usually ends with an exclamation mark to indicate that there is a command or contains the word please contains neither of these.

2. The other type of imperative sentence ends in a period like other statement sentences. The difference is in the meaning of the sentence itself. The exclamation mark in imperative sentence shows the stress in the command.

3. We won’t find a subject in imperative sentence because the subject (you) as the recipient of the command is implied.

III. Types of Imperative Sentence

 There are some types of imperative sentence, they are:

A. Request


  1. Please drink more water!
  2. Please think again my suggestion!
  3. Kindly deliver my order today.

B. Advice


  1. Forget it, otherwise, you will continue to be haunted by the past.
  2. Take this chance, otherwise you will regret.
  3. Do the best you can!
  4. Talk less do more!

C. Invitation


  1. Please join us for the trip.
  2. Come with us so you don’t stay home alone!
  3. Let’s go to the cinema together!
  4. Please come in.

D. Command & Prohibition


  1. Please don’t go!
  2. Close your book!
  3. Stop smoking!
  4. Don’t talk too much!
  5. Don’t go alone, it’s late night!
  6. Never touch it!

E. Instruction


  1. Avoid direct contact with sunlight.
  2. Read the instructions for use. If the pain persists, call a physician.
  3. Go straight ahead then turn right at the T-junction.
  4. Add a pinch of salt to the dough, stir it thoroughly, then bring it to boil.