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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

By Robert Weinberger

justin bieber

justin bieber

Ive always given Justin the benefit of the doubt that he’s good! I voted for him at the VMAs because I believe he deserves every second of it! he won that award and It made me feel good that I voted! His music isnt bad although some of it is directed towards girls his age while the rest is just really good pop music!

I wasn’t going to see this movie although I wouldn’t have minded, until I heard it was just that Good I went one day with a few friends and it really makes you think and is most definitely an amazing picture! Then I went to see it again with some more friends who didn’t believe and now do, that was the Directors cut edition which I must say was even better maybe they will release that but who knows!

This movie shows how he grew up always loving music and instruments but also going to school and having friends just like we did, he did sports, hung out with his friends and all the stuff we did hes no different just one day his videos posted on Youtube were seen by the right people at the right time and his dream came true! in every way he wanted and that he wouldn’t change anything! Very good event coverage of his concerts and shows and also of the behind the scenes of his off time and life all around!

My favorite part of the movie is when he see’s a girl playing the violin in front of the very same restaurant that he used to play guitar at and stopped and told her to never give up always stick with your dreams they will come true one day! just part of the Inspirational theme of this movie!
I recommend this movie to everyone of any age!

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