Recount Text

What is it?

If you want to tell about your personal experience; presenting a diary or find a text which contains about history, biography or autobiography then the form of the text must be recount.

The Social Function

The purpose of a recount is to retell a past event.

The Generic Structure

The generic structure of a recount text is fairly simple. It consists of orientation-event-reorientation.


It introduces the participants and informs the time and the place.


It tells the event in a chronological order.


It is optional. It states the writer’s personal comment to the story

Language features

Recount is written in past tense. It can be written from the first or the third person’s point of view. First person, it happened to the person who writes the recount; e.g. I came to the museum. Third person, the writer performs as an observer who is telling the story; e.g. Tom visited the place. The connectives which are frequently used in a recount are next, then, after that, etc. Recount focuses on what an individual or a group of people did.

Recount Text Examples:

1.      Visiting Bali

2.      Ball Dome

3.      My Rush Time as a Journalist

4.      Vacation to London

5.      The  Frozen  Pool

6.      A  Cold  Crisp  Day

7.      My Great Personal Experience Staying in Hongkong

8.      Justin Bieber Biography

9.      Princess Diana Biography

10.  Barack Obama Biography

11.  Bill Gates Biography

12.  David Beckham Biography

13.  Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

14.  Oprah Winfrey Biography

15.  Albert Einstein Biography

16.  Jackie Chan Biography

17.  Jet Li Biography

18.  Bruce Lee Biography

19.  Mother Teresa Biography

20.  Brad Pitt Biography

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